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Deciding if You Need Emergency Dental Treatment in Keswick

If you’ve taken a bad hit while playing your favourite sport, had a bad fall, or hurt your mouth and need emergency dental treatment in Keswick, it’s important to contact a dentist as quickly as possible. Some treatments need to happen within as little as 30 minutes to be successful.


What to Do When a Tooth Is Knocked Out

A lost tooth isn’t necessarily gone forever. Find the tooth and rinse it gently. Never scrub a tooth that’s been knocked out. If you can, rinse it off with water or milk and put it back into its socket and hold it there while you go to the dentist. If that’s not possible, then keep it in your mouth under your tongue or place it in a container filled with saline solution or milk.


For the greatest chance of successful re-implantation, you need to seek emergency dental treatment within the first 30 minutes after the tooth is knocked out. The longer it takes you to get across Keswick, the less chance you have of successfully re-implanting the tooth.


Intense Toothache or Gum Pain

One of the most common culprits for toothaches and gum pain is as simple as a piece of food that has worked its way between your teeth or under the gum. If you can, look at the spot where the pain originates. It may be too swollen to see a stray piece of popcorn or sunflower seed. You can try gently flossing or brushing the area to see if you can dislodge any food. Rinsing with warm water may also help. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with the pain but never place it directly against the area that hurts.


If none of the above helps, it’s time to seek emergency dental treatment.


A Bite to the Lip or Tongue

It can be alarming to accidentally bite your tongue or lip and see blood. Stay calm and apply pressure on the injury with a clean cloth. If it starts to swell, use ice to take the swelling down. If it keeps bleeding or you notice the pain is getting worse, visit your family doctor or go for emergency dental treatment.


Cracked Teeth

Some cracks are so subtle, that you may not even realize why your tooth hurts. One clue to watch for is how your tooth feels when you bite. If it feels fine to bite into food but hurts when you release the bite, you may have a small crack in your tooth.


If you can see a crack but don’t feel any pain, it’s important to visit your dentist. A painless cracked tooth may not stay pain-free. It’s best to repair the damage before it becomes an emergency situation.


If you don’t have a family dentist, you can still visit a dentist as a new patient. Like any other medical emergency, it’s important to seek treatment as quickly as possible to avoid complications. If you need emergency dental treatment, don’t be afraid to call a dentist in the Keswick area.

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